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Homemade Almond Milk

Why should you bother making homemade almond milk?  Because it doesn’t contain any of the additives or weird ingredients found in packaged almond milk & is delicious, healthy & simple to make. A regular blender can be used to whip up this luscious milk, so what are you waiting for?

I’ve been following Gena Hamshaw’s fabulous blog called Choosing Raw-Vegan & Raw Recipes {even though I am not vegan, nor do I adhere to a raw diet}, and have been contemplating making homemade almond milk for some time.  I finally took the plunge & made 2 batches & am thrilled with the results!  The only ingredients needed to prepare this delicious vanilla almond milk are almonds, water, agave nectar & vanilla.  The first batch was served up unstrained, in all its textural {read fibrous} glory-it was very tasty but I decided to strain the second batch & I am glad I did.  The resulting milk was smooth,  creamy & delicious.  I used cheesecloth, because I always have cheesecloth on hand.  A nutmilk bag is probably in my future though, because it can be washed & reused.    So far, the only thing I’ve used my almond milk for was chocolate milk, using Dagoba Unsweetened Cacao with Bits of Unsweetened Chocolate-very tasty!

almond-milk-026-500x375    Photo by Gena Hamshaw from